“Resonating with the ancient earth, I tap into the wisdom of millennia that resides in the stones, the minerals and the seeming immobility of mountain rock. It is a stillness that moves mountains.”

Installazione omaggio creata dal duo Amebe in collaborazione con Renn.

Tribute created by Amebe in collaboration with Renn.

Binocolo panoramico, foto “Sere Il mio Viaggio”

Panoramic Binocular, photo “My Journey series”

h. 150 cm

Seek to Believe

The Seek to Believebinocular series, arranged between the island’s entrance and the woods, will show you the path to follow to reach the so-called Sculptures Habitat, where the (Art) hunt begins. In the walled woods in the East area of La Certosa park, are hiding some Lone Stone Men who traveled 11,440 km from Namibia to reach La Biennale. The binoculars intervention is a tribute by the creative duo Amebe in collaboration with RENN, conceived during the creation of the exhibition, in a moment when it was not yet sure whether RENN and their Artworks could have physically made it to Venice, in the middle of the pandemic and consequent obstacles. The binoculars, all pointed south, towards Namibia, precisely at Lat. 24.2889 ° S and Long. 15.2605 ° E, want to be an emotional kaleidoscope that plays with memories, expectations and the yet unknown, to further implement that Bridge to the Desert that the Pavilion invokes. It is an invitation to "seek to believe" or "try to believe", because without research there can’t be discovery of a "belief" and vice versa. Lenses are artifacts that distort vision to bring the image closer, while the imagination can be a lens for the soul that brings concepts and perhaps cultures closer.
The Artist’s ability to transform stone into motion.

"If these stone and iron sculptures manage to be so dynamic, light and sinuous, so must be able to be our thoughts and ideals, towards an increasingly pure and uncontaminated world."