Vento di Venezia
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The pavilion is hosted on La Certosa, which is an island in the Venice lagoon overlooking the Giardino delle Vergini of the Arsenale, one of the two main venues of the Biennale Arte 2022. The location was selected because it met the need to identify a place that would recall the characteristics of natural park and wilderness of the desert.
In fact, the immersive installations, distributed in the most evocative areas of the park, invite visitors to a real artwork hunt allowing visitors to live a similar experience to the one lived through the Kunene desert.
All this has been possible thanks to the collaboration with Vento di Venezia, who’s managing the island’s regeneration and enhancement program of the natural and cultural heritage of the site, which envisages the creation of a large park of significant environmental and historical-archeological value, open to the public and hosting cultural events, exhibitions and installations. The island, which covers 24 hectares of woods and gardens, offers a significant environmental heritage characterized by the presence of groves of white and black poplars and ash, alternating with non-native tree and shrub species.


Anders Johansson

Beatrice e David Pritzker

Fritz Vorster

Lucia Vullo

Angelo Varvello

Ruggero Ceriali

Paolo Colombini

Hennie Goldenhuys

Jan Grobler

Glenda Manthe

Hella Gobel